So you might be asking yourself “Who’s behind this amazing granola?!” Well…we are two people that have a passion for the paleo lifestyle and all that it has to offer! So, we decided to join forces and “Nuts for Paleo” was born! We are both very dedicated and passionate people that love what we do! We are also committed to what we stand for, which is health, happiness, and over-all well being! So read on to get to know each of us in more detail, and we look forward to more people joining the team in the future!

amandaaAs a kid  my mom always made sure to instill the importance of health in me and my brothers. It all started when we were babies. She grew fruits and veggies and used a food processor to make our baby food. Wow, how lucky were we to have a hippy mom, our first meals were organic!

As  I grew up the health journey continued and always seemed to be swayed into what was the new “trendy” way of eating. I’ve tried all kinds of trends, and ultimately ended up doing more harm than good. The body can be sensitive, and making constant harsh changes along with deprivation of certain vitamins and minerals that are so necessary can throw the body into shock causing hormonal imbalance among other things. My body showed signs of being “unhappy” and that’s when I sought out help. I began working at a naturopathic clinic  while studying to become a certified nutritional consultant, and that’s when I discovered Paleo. I began studying this way of life and it all made sense. I decided to apply what I learned, and realized I finally found a AmandaA1way of eating where I feel my best, have the most energy, and  I get a balance of all the essential nutrients my body needs. Paleo isn’t a trendy diet, it’s a way of life that provides guidelines to a healthy lifestyle!

Sometimes eating and living the paleo lifestyle isn’t easy, it takes dedication,
and finding food on the go can be difficult! Nuts for Paleo was created to provide organic nutrient dense food without compromising what our bodies
crave and deserve!

To a happy and healthy life,


Amanda C.N.C.


tobyPaleo for me was not a choice it was a must. I started having major health issues and after extensive research, switched to a paleo diet. My health improved tremendously in just a few days! It took about a month for my body and taste buds to get
adjusted to clean eating, consuming real food with no chemicals or processed “food”. Now two and a half years later my health is still great and I love eating paleo food and living the paleo lifestyle. It gives me stable energy throughout the day to live life powerfully!

When I began eating this way, I had a hard time finding organic paleo food on photo 2the run. So we started making easy-to-go organic paleo bars, and they were delicious! Friends and family wanted the bars after trying them and eventually we could not produce to keep up with demand. Now we sell our bars nationwide and we are very proud of them! Recently we came up with a granola that is equally as delicious, healthy and paleo friendly as well. I’m not only a paleo fanatic, I’m also an investor. Of all the hundreds of investments I’ve done, Investing in my health was by far the best!

Keep calm and paleo on!