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“As an instructor in healthcare I teach my students how important a balanced breakfast is for the human body. For a nutritious breakfast I enjoy Nuts for Paleo granola! It provides me the nutrients and energy I need to jump start my day!”

Tika R. San Diego, CA



“The Nuts for Paleo granola is my obsession! I’m a busy doctor and don’t always have time to eat. I keep a bag of the granola in my desk at all times and its my saving grace. It’s made with the highest quality ingredients and I recommend it to patients all the time. Warning- it’s highly addictive!”

Dr. Lauren Noel San Diego, California Owner of Shine Natural Medicine & Host of Dr. Lo Radio



“Paleo granola is a wonderful “on the go” snack! I can rely on it to sustain me between meals. This granola is made of the highest quality ingredients and you can feel the love that was put into creating them, one batch at a time”. Paleo granola bags, I never leave home without them!”


Azariah H. Honolulu, Hawaii



Starphoto“I absolutely love the granola. With the stigma healthy eating has around taste, it’s good to eat them without having that dreadful taste experience. I highly recommend them to everyone I know. Wholesome, healthy, and bursting with fruitful and nutty flavors!”

Star M. Atlanta, Georgia




“I am so grateful to have found Nuts for Paleo to recommend to my patients when they need to grab something on the go! Healthy quality snacks are hard to find. Kids love the granola and is much more nutrient dense than any other granola on the market! I love how committed this company is to high quality ingredients and handcrafted locally makes Nuts for Paleo a staple in my household now!!”

Dr. Elana Gelman San Diego, California Naturopathic Doctor & Founder of Nourishing Health Video Blog &


“I am a police officer, and eating on the run could be a burden at times. The Nuts for Paleo granola has given me the freedom to get a quick delicious snack while getting all the nutritional value I need to keep my engine running…”

Rigo N. Brooklyn, New York



“Love at first bite! This stuff is good. Hard to believe it’s healthy too!”

Jeff W. Tucson, Arizona



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